Windsor Hills became the scene of what might be the deadliest crash in recent times, and it was allegedly all caused by the emotions of one driver going out of control with a mixture of alcohol. The accident claimed the lives of multiple children, and the chaotic scene had to be seen to believed.

It was quiet day in Windsor Hills on Thursday afternoon when a gas station located on South La Brea and Slauson Avenue became the scene of a massive fire started by a speeding car. The accident happened when the speeding car ran a red light, and hit several cars before running into a gas station, which started the deadly fire. According to KTLA the collision was so powerful one car was completely torn in half.

One bystander who witnessed the accident claimed they saw a baby fly through the air, and land on the road. It was later confirmed this baby was ejected from one of the cars. Unfortunately paramedics were unable to save the baby’s life. Among the dead were the 1 year old baby, a pregnant woman and her unborn child, and three other adults. There were also 8 other people injured, but they are expected to make a full recovery. According to reports the driver who caused the wreck survived, but had to be cut from their car using the ‘jaws of life’ chainsaw machine.

Woman Snitches on Lives News Revealing Her Friend Drinking and Arguing with Boyfriend Caused Windsor Hills Crash That Killed 6 People

During the lives news coverage of the incident a woman claiming to be friend of the driver who caused the Windsor Hills crash made a shocking revelation. According to her statement prior to the accident the person driving the Mercedes that caused the Windsor Hills crash was drinking at nearby house, and got into an argument with her boyfriend. Apparently she was too drunk to realize that she had just ran through a red light.

Security camera footage of the Windsor Hills Crash at Gas Station

This accident was so crazy that words can’t properly describe the horror people witnessed. Surveillance camera video of the Windsor Hills crash shows the moment it happened.

This situation is another example of why drinking and driving is one of the most irresponsible things a human can do. Being intoxicated while driving an over 2000 pound box made of steel puts the lives of so many innocent people in danger.

Prayers up for all the people affected by this tragic accident. Hopefully the driver of that Mercedes decides to drive sober from now on.

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