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Was Avril Lavigne Cheating on Mod Sun with Tyga? Rumors on How They First Met Fuel Conspiracy Theories

Avril Lavigne and Tyga are the latest celebrity couple to make headlines with their unexpected romance. The Canadian pop-rock singer and the American rapper have been spotted together several times in Paris, where they attended Fashion Week events and shared a steamy kiss outside a party. Naturally many fans are wondering how they met, and why are people so surprised by their relationship?

Where Did Tyga First Meet Avril Lavigne?

At the moment the concrete timeline of their romance between these two stars is a bit cloudy. However, there is a rumor that the 38-year-old Lavigne met Tyga, 33, at a recording studio in Los Angeles. The rumor alleges that Lavigne was working on music with producer Mod Sun, who was also her fiancé at the time. Tyga allegedly happened to be at the same studio for another project, and introduced himself to Lavigne.

Why Did Avril Lavigne Break Up with Mod Sun?

Meanwhile, Lavigne’s relationship with Mod Sun was reportedly on the rocks. The couple had gotten engaged in March 2022 during a romantic trip to Paris, but they soon faced difficulties possibly due to their busy schedules and different lifestyles, since they have reportedly confirmed that there was no cheating involved.

Their relationship moved pretty fast considering they met each other in 2021, which might be why it also ended so quickly. It’s alleged that Lavigne broke up with Mod Sun around December 2022, then eventually start smashing Tyga. The question some people have is if they were hooking before she officially called things off with her ex Mod Sun.

Lavigne and Tyga made their relationship public on March 6th 2023, when they were photographed kissing outside the Mugler X Hunter Schafer party at Paris Fashion Week. They were also seen hugging, holding hands and smiling at each other. The next day, they attended the Y/Project Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear fashion show together, where they sat front row in matching black leather outfits.

Was Tyga Smashing Avril Lavigne While She was Still Engaged to Mod Sun?

Was Avril Lavigne hooking up with Tyga while she was still engaged to Mod Sun? As soon as the pictures of their kiss surfaced online, social media users reacted with shock, disbelief and amusement. Many people commented on how unlikely their pairing seemed given their different musical genres, backgrounds and fan bases.

Some fans expressed support for their new romance while others criticized Lavigne moving on too fast from her previous partners. Conspiracy theorists think this situation could be proof that Avril Lavigne was cheating on Mod Sun with Tyga, because they believe their relationship timelines overlap in some way.

Will this relationship end up being a long term thing, or just a romance that lasts a few months? Only time will tell, but they seem to be a good match. It’s safe to say the rumors and conspiracy theories revolving around the situation won’t stop buzzing anytime soon.

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