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Did a Kid Tell Jill Biden to ‘Shut the F*** Up’ in Viral Video?

A hilarious video of a kid disrespecting Joe Biden’s wife Jill is going viral. In the footage the kid curses out Jill Biden as she’s reading book, seemingly shocking the parents who were in attendance. However, there is debate around whether the video is real or fake.

Is the Video of a Kid Telling Jill Biden to “Shut Up” Real?

This strange incident happened while Jill Biden was talking to the kids about how her granddaughter missed her son when he was away, which inspired her to write a book about what kids go through when they miss their parents. However, one of the kids wasn’t trying to hear what she had to say. Out the nowhere the kid tells Jill Biden to shut up saying loudly,

“Shut the F*** Up”.

The parents in the room could be heard saying “hey hey” to scold the child for using the foul language. The video instantly went viral online, with many people saying the kid deserves an award, while an equal amount of people condemned the parents for not raising their child to have respect.

In terms of validity of this video there are people saying it’s real and others saying it’s fake.

We can’t really confirm, but there is a higher chance that it’s fake. In most cases a kid isn’t going to curse out the President’s wife with all those cameras around. Who knows maybe it really did happen, it is 2021 another year of the unexpected happening, plus Joe Biden’s approval rating is at an historical low for a president.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff

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