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What Kind of Virus made Justin Bieber’s Face Paralyzed?

Virus’ are so small you need a microscope to see them, but still yet they are some of the most deadly organisms that exist on earth. Once they take hold of your body they can seemingly control it in many different ways. For Justin Bieber he has caught a virus that likes to change how your face functions.

What Kind of Virus made Justin Bieber’s Face Paralyzed?

If a virus is going to paralyze your face one of the first things it would probably attack would be your nerves. In a viral video Justin Bieber revealed that the right side of his face is paralyzed. Justin Bieber has Ramsey Hunt Syndrome, which attacks your face and ear nerves. In that area of the body that can affect the movement of the muscles that make your face move.

According to NCBI Ramsey Hunt Syndrome is a side effect of the Shingles Virus. The recovery time can vary greatly with factors such as overall health, immune system strength, and age playing a role. Justin Bieber is young so he has that working in his favor, and based on the footage he’s optimistic about returning to full health. Sadly his fans won’t get to see him perform at some of his upcoming concerts, but his healthy is way more important than his music so they should understand.

It’s so scary seeing how viruses can change your life in the blink of the eye. It seems like Justin Bieber can’t even control his right eye at the moment. The mental torment he’s battling right now must be immense.

Seeing Justin Bieber’s face paralyzed by the Shingles virus’ Ramsey Hunt Syndrome was not on anybody’s list of possible things happening in 2022. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.