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Did CNN Edit Joe Biden’s Evil Blood Red Background to Pink During Strange Speech Attacking Trump Supporters?

Presidents are supposed to attempt bringing unity and peace to a nation by promoting change through understanding. However, people are accusing Joe Biden of creating more division by insinuating that every single person who supports Donald Trump is an enemy of the state during a recent speech. During this strange speech Joe Biden had an evil blood red background, which made his speech seem even more sinister, and people believe there is evidence that CNN did all they could to make the overall tone a bit more light hearted for viewers.

Did CNN Edit Joe Biden’s Blood Red Background to Pink During Speech About Trump Supporters and Election Results?

During Joe Biden’s speech attacking Trump supporters he was at the Independence Hall venue in Philadelphia. For some reason he used blood red light to paint the walls in the background, which made it seem like he was giving a speech while standing in the depths of hell. The whole scene was a very bad look for a president who is supposed to promote unity. It’s not clear why his team decided to opt for the evil red background, but perhaps they thought it would make his message more bold.

Things took an interesting turn when Joe Biden started to discuss how Trump supporters reacted to the election results, which some black activists think was rigged as well due to Joe Biden’s potentially racist history. During a segment of his speech that ended with Joe Biden saying, “Democracy cannot survive when one side believes there are only two outcomes to an election. Either they win, or they were cheated, and that’s where MAGA Republicans are today”, people watching the CNN feed noticed the blood red background started changing to a pink hue. It was very obvious, because Joe Biden’s skin tone and the red stripes on the US flag changed hue as well. Take a look.

If you didn’t notice the drastic color change in the video above, take a look at this comparison picture. The top picture is the original color, and the bottom is after the alleged CNN edit.

This situation could potentially be another example of why for some people it’s tough to trust news stations in America, because they all seem to have hidden agendas based on the political ideals of the people who run the business behind the scenes, or what makes the most profit. Just like it seems news agencies like Fox News do what they can to help Republican politicians, it seems news agencies like CNN do what they can to help Democratic politicians as well. Some people feel they have to watch international news coverage on the United States to get a non biased assessment of current events.

This wouldn’t be the first time Joe Biden has been caught in a video editing controversy.

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