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Is Stacey Dash Bleaching Her Skin? Viral DMX Video Sparks Conspiracy Theory Stacey Dash Bleached Her Skin

Stacey Dash is currently trending due a strange confession she made regarding DMX. If she’s telling the truth, Stacey Dash didn’t know DMX was dead despite the fact he died over 1 year ago. Her admission led to a viral roast session, but there was something strange about her physical appearance that captured people’s attention just as much as what she said. People believe the video could be proof that Stacey Dash bleached her skin.

Is Stacey Dash Skin Bleaching? Details on how Her DMX Confession Video Sparked a Conspiracy Theory Stacey Dash Bleached Her Skin

From a physical standpoint the one thing that stands out most is Stacey Dash’s skin color. Judging from how she used to look it seems her skin has changed drastically in color. After seeing the footage of her talking about DMX, there is a growing conspiracy theory that Stacey Dash is skin bleaching. Considering she seems to have strong conservatives beliefs, is it possible Stacey Dash is becoming a conservative white woman?

For reference here is Stacey Dash in 1997 during a VIBE interview. She was much darker than she is now.

Take a look at some of the reactions from people who noticed what could possibly be Stacey Dash’s bleached skin.

If Stacey Dash bleached her skin that would be too sad. It would be a definitive sign she may be battling some form of self dislike. Hopefully this isn’t another case of woman not recognizing her natural beauty just to fit the alleged ideals set by Hollywood and other media groups. Only Stacey Dash could go viral for a possible skin bleaching regimen and not knowing DMX is dead on the same day.

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