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Man Catches His Wife Cheating in Men’s Bathroom at Night Club in Fight Video with Strange Plot Twist

A viral video shows a fight that ensued after a man caught his wife cheating with another man in the men’s bathroom of a night club. The video has over 3.4 million views across social media and thousands of comments.

The video starts with the man waiting outside the bathroom stall for his wife to come out. A bystander is holding his phone and recording the scene. He says that he followed his wife to the bathroom after noticing that she was acting suspiciously. He then confronts her as she comes out of the stall with another man. The plot twist to the altercation is what has people buzzing.

The wife looked shocked and scared as she sees her husband. She tries to explain herself by saying that she was just talking to the man, who she claims is her friend. The husband does not believe her and accuses her of cheating on him. He then turns his attention to the other man, which begins a fight.

The other man tries to calm down the situation by saying that he was not smashing his wife, but rather trying to sell her cocaine. He says that he is a drug dealer, and that he has cocaine in his pocket. Interestingly this slightly deescalated the situation, which could be a sign that the husband was aware of his wife’s alleged coke use.

The strange fight video has left social media confused for many reasons. Firstly the husband actually waited for his wife to get finished hooking up with another man in the bathroom stall before intervening, he was literally just there listening. It got even weirder when his wife started crying like she was the victim in the situation. All in all it’s safe to say those two love birds probably have some very interesting relationship dynamics going on.