Does Soulja Boy Own Atari? Soulja Boy Claims He Bought Atari After Selling His Game Console Brand For $140 Million

Soulja Boy is one of the Hip-Hop kings of making unprecedented business moves, and it appears he just made another one. In a viral Instagram live video it was revealed Soulja Boy owns Atari video game company, or so he claims.

In the footage Soulja Boy claims Atari reached out to him after the success of his independently released Soulja Boy Game Console. Soulja bought Atari after signing two deals with them, and he also claims he is selling his Soulja Boy Game Console brand for $140 Million. He told people to follow @Atari on twitter, and was also wearing a shirt and hat with their logo.

Is Soulja Boy Lying about Owning Atari?

Some people are skeptical that Soulja bought Atari video game company, because they think the numbers don’t add up. The Atari company is currently worth $33 Million, while Soulja Boy is allegedly worth $30 Million. However, if he is telling truth about selling his Soulja Boy Game Console brand for $140 Million, then he has more than enough assets to own Atari.

All in all you have to give credit where credit is due. Soulja Boy is a great business man, and he may have just made another legendary move.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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