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Who is the Woman that Died in Smith Machine Squat Death Video? Details on the Smith Machine Accident Victim’s Identity

A tragic video recorded by a security camera in Mexico is going viral worldwide due to its unexpected nature. The footage was taken at a fitness center in a quiet Mexico City neighborhood called Peralvillo. What happened in the video is one of the worst fears many bodybuilders have when trying to see the max they can lift safely. The footage has been dubbed the ‘Smith Machine Squat Death’.

How Much Was the Woman Lifting in the Smith Machine Squat Accident Video?

In the tragic footage a seemingly young woman is preparing to attempt squatting over 400 pounds of weight. The situation seemed dangerous even before the accident, because it seemed easy to tell that she couldn’t safely lift that amount of weight.

Things took a turn for the worst when the Smith Machine fell on woman’s neck pinning her under all its weight.

How Old is the Woman Lifting in the Smith Machine Squat Death Video?

Once everyone noticed the woman’s dire situation they all ran to lift the barbell off her body. Unfortunately the woman was already dead, and she just slumped over lifelessly. Although her exact cause of death hasn’t been confirmed it was probably related to suffocation or restriction of blood flow from her neck getting crushed. According to reports the woman was around 35 years old.

Not only was her neck crushed, but her face was crushed into the bench as well. Reports say she died instantly upon impact. You can see the man in the tank top trying his best to lift the Smith Machine weight off her neck before others came to help.

Identity of woman in Smith Machine Squat Death video.

What is the Identity of the Woman in the Smith Machine Squat Death Video?

That might be the closest thing social media has seen to a real life scene of the movie Final Destination.

One of the saddest things about the video is the woman in yellow is possibly a friend that accompanied her to the gym. She may have watched her friend die in that moment.

The Smith Machine Squat death victim’s name still has not been revealed, likely due to privacy reasons. Prayers up for her family, and everyone who was in the fitness facility when it happened. That’s the type of memory that will be very tough to ever forget.

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