Tessica Brown aka Gorilla Glue Girl GoFundMe under investigation for fraud

Federal investigators have entered the chat in the saga of Tessica Brown. On Wednesday news broke that FEDS froze funds from Gorilla Glue Girl’s GoFundMe for a fraud investigation. The account raised close to $30,000 dollars.

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Tessica Brown claims FEDS aren’t allowing her to withdraw the funds, even though she is claiming she will donate it to charity. You can see her GoFundMe here when it was half way to the almost $30k.

During a Zoom interview Tessica Brown said too many people called with allegations that she will be using the funds for fraudulent purchases. This is allegedly what sparked the federal investigation. It doesn’t help that she was seen purchasing or renting an expensive Mercedes a few days ago.

This situation is getting messier than her hair when it had Gorilla Glue in it. The IRS is on to her like she tried to skip her taxes. If this whole situation was a risky money grab and Tessica Brown committed fraud this investigation will surely prove it.

Author: JordanThrilla

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