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Japanese Man Who Paid $16,000 To Become a Dog Goes Viral

Have you ever woke up and thought to yourself that you wished you were a different species of animal? It’s a dream that most people would think is impossible, even anime fans who love shows like Bearstars. However, with the technology and medical advancements available today doctors can change people into who they want to be, and now that even includes dogs.

Japanese Man Who Paid $16,000 To Become a Dog Goes Viral

A Japan native named Toco had dreams of becoming a dog since he was a small child. Specifically he wanted to become a Collie, which many people hail as the most beautiful breed of dog. $16,000 later, and Toco is now the first Japanese man to become a dog. He posted a video showing the result of his transformation, which is now viral on YouTube.

A lot of things weren’t explained in the footage such as if there were permanent modifications made to his body, and how he uses the bathroom. However, Toco did explain that he now has to wear special sandals when he goes outside, because his new dog feet are not strong enough to withstand the rough terrain like a real canine. All things considered he doesn’t look too comfortable walking around on all fours, but for him that lifestyle is a dream come true. Take a look.

These are cute clear dog sandals Toco has to wear outside.

The special sandals the Japanese Man Who Paid $16,000 To Become a Dog has to wear

This just goes to show that anything is possible if you are persistent enough. This Japanese man waited many years to become a dog finally realizing his childhood dream in adulthood. Hopefully in the long run he feels that was a $16,000 well spent.

The million dollar question here is since he is now a dog does that mean he has date other canines? All things considered it would be a weird for a human to fall in love with dog in a romantic type of way.

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