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The Scary Sound of Mars Captured from NASA Perseverance Rover Goes Viral

The scary sound of Mars captured from NASA Perseverance Rover is going viral. Most people would assume a dead planet with no known life on it would be completely silent. However, Mars makes a constant frightening tone that seems to say it has been through a whole lot.

The first thing we could think of after hearing the sound of Mars in this footage was that noise cancellation headphones would be an everyday necessity if humans were to populate the red planet. Take a listen.

What makes this scary sound on Mars? The culprit could be the high windspeeds along with the light atmosphere. Due to Mars having low gravity, wind is able to reach incredibly high speeds very easily. During a light dust storm wind speeds can reach up to 60 mph. Here on earth wind at that speed causes severe structural damage to buildings.

There is also a conspiracy theory that Alien lifeforms live underground on Mars. Perhaps those sounds are caused by their machinery that just can’t be seen from the surface.

Could you imagine being all alone on Mars with that constant eerie sound filling your ears at all times? Pray for the NASA Perseverance rover through this tough time. It won’t be long before it needs psychological help.

Author: JordanThrilla

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