Blue Poop Challenge? Here is Healthiest Dye You Should Use For The #bluepoopchallenge and Why You Should Do It

Do you like muffins and are interested in learning important information about your gut health? If you answered yes to both questions then the Blue Poop Challenge is a dream come true. ZOE Health launched the #bluepoopchallenge to help people understand their gut microbiome.

How the Blue Poop Challenge Works?

The core of the blue poop challenge is to let people know about their gut transit time. ZOE wants you to eat bright blue muffins with your first meal of the day then track the time it takes for your poop to turn a blue green color. You then take your recorded #bluepoopchallenge gut transit time to, enter it in the ZOE database, and they will compare it to millions of other people around the world. This allows them to give you important insights into your gut health.

How To Make #bluepoopchallenge Muffins

Making blue muffins for the blue poop challenge is pretty simple. You can make your favorite kind of muffin that usually doesn’t have color, and add blue food coloring dye into the mix. Since most unnatural food coloring dyes are unhealthy, you would want to use a vegan food coloring brand, which uses safe plant based ingredients to achieve the same effect as chemical based food coloring. A good one to try would be “Nature’s Inspiration Food Color” made by McCormick. You can find these at various stores for around $5 dollars.

Blue Poop Challenge? Here is Healthiest Dye You Should Use For The #bluepoopchallenge and Why You Should Do It

What #bluepoopchallenge Gut Transit Time Can Tell You About Your Health

According to ZOE, the average gut transit time to blue poop ranges from 12 hours to many days, with an average time of 29 days. Your gut transit time is affected by many things including diet, lifestyle, and the amount of water you drink. The shorter your transit time the healthier you probably are, and the less abdominal fat you probably have.

Now go out in the world eat some blue muffins and join the blue poop challenge army. Fill your toilet with blue poop, and learn about your gut transit time.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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