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Video Shows Joe Biden Laughing at 800,000 People Dying From COVID-19 Since He Became President Despite Criticizing Trump for 200,000 COVID Deaths

Joe Biden’s presidency has had some bright spots, but mostly has been a disaster shrouded with embarrassing gaffes during speeches, attempts to encroach on people’s personal rights, historically low approval ratings, high gas prices, inflation, broken promises, and racist moments. That trend continued recently when a reporter gave Joe Biden a taste of the same medicine he gave Donald Trump before winning the sketchy 2020 election.

Why Did Joe Biden Laugh at 800,000 People Dying from COVID Since He Became President Question?

As we all know one of the major promises Joe Biden made to coerce people into voting for him was that he would get the COVID pandemic under control. The opposite has happened as the pandemic has gotten worse since he took office, as he continues to attempt making policies based on a vaccine that clearly doesn’t stop the spread of COVID, and could even be possibly helping spread the virus based on recent data.

Recently as Joe Biden was getting ready to leave for Kentucky, he stopped to take questions from reporters. Usually they ask mundane cookie cutter questions, but this time a brave reporter asked him a valid question that Joe Biden refused to answer,

“President Biden, on the 800,000 COVID deaths, do you have a statement on your responsibility?”.

Rather than giving an answer Joe Biden laughed at 800,000 people dying from COVID-19 under his watch.

There’s a good reason he couldn’t answer the question, and it goes back to 2020. During a Townhall Joe Biden said that as president Donald Trump needed to take responsibility for the 200,000 people who died from COVID under his watch. In his full statement he said,

“200,000 plus have died. 50,000 a day are getting the virus. 1,000 thereabouts are dying…The president should take responsibility.

Why Won’t Joe Biden Take Responsibility for 800,000 People Dead From COVID-19, if he Wanted Donald Trump to take Responsibility for 200,000 Dead from COVID?

This situation shows how hypocritical Joe Biden can be, but maybe he doesn’t remember what he said about Donald Trump taking responsibility for 200,000 people dying from COVID under his watch. After all this is the same president who thought he met with Golda Meir during the Six Day War.

Naturally a president shouldn’t be held responsible for deaths that happen due to a virus that no one knows how to control. However, Joe Biden himself said a President should be held responsible for COVID deaths, does that mean he’s responsible for the 800,000 dead? Going by his way of thinking you could say he is.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff

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