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Lashes Out Angry Octopus Slaps Man In Face at Australia Beach Reminding People of Octopus Wrestling

Have you ever seen an Octopus square up with a human? If not you’re in luck, because in a viral video an angry Octopus lashed out and slapped a man in the face. The tentacle hit his face area so hard it left a red mark on his skin. The incident has made people remember the lost sport of Octopus wrestling.

Octopuses are part of the Cephalopod family, which have a unique trait of being very intelligent. Laboratory tests show they can tell the difference between shapes and patterns, while also being capable of using observational learning. They are smart enough to open a closed jar when place inside one.

In essence you don’t want to mess with an Octopus, because they are very smart and have strong long tentacles that will catch you off guard.

How Rare is the Octopus Attack in Dunsborough Australia?

There aren’t any stats on Octopus attacks, because they almost never happen. You will probably hear a story about this happening like once or twice year at most. This true largely due to the fact that Octopuses rarely come in contact with humans, unless of course it’s part of your profession in some way. As example the man in the Australian octopus attack video is a geologist.

Can an Octopus Kill a Human?

Surprisingly some Octopuses are capable of killing a human, because they carry venom that can be fatal. Theoretically they could also strangle you, but that has never happened.

The Strange Sport of Octopus Wrestling

Strangely enough there was once a sport called “Octopus Wrestling” where people would wrestle an Octopus while wearing protective gear. The sport was most popular in Washington State during 1950s and 1960s. It involved someone wearing diving gear going into water to attempt wrestling the Octopus ashore by hand. As expected it has now been outlawed.

Next time you’re in Washington State ask someone older about Octopus wrestling, and they may have an interesting story to tell.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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