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Mother Who Tattooed Her 1 Year Old Son Treylin Gets Backlash After Photoshoot

When most parents think of unique ways to spend time with their young child, going a tattoo parlor wouldn’t be on the list. However, for one mother and her 1 year old son Treylin who is better known as ‘Nuggetsworld561’ on social media life is bit different. As you’ll learn during this article Treylin isn’t the average 1 year old kid, at least his mom doesn’t think so.

Woman Puts Tattoos on 1 Year Old Son Treylin aka Nuggetworld561 Then Gets Backlash After Photoshoot

Treylin and his mother are from West Palm Beach Florida. On his ‘Nuggetsworld561’ TikTok account ran by his mother he has over 1 million followers. Treylin’s lifestyle is more similar to a young teenager than someone who is only 1 year old. For example he has hundreds of expensive shoes and outfits in his closet, and already has expensive jewelry he wears everywhere.

Recently Treylin’s mom had an idea that she knew would go viral on social media. She decided to be the first mother to tattoo her 1 year old son. Her motive was based on backlash she got for doing pregnancy photoshoot at a tattoo parlor before Treylin was born. Tattooing her 1 year old child was her way of getting back at the haters who thought they were affecting her mental. Treylin is the first 1 year old kid with tattoos, but there’s a small catch.

Treylin’s shoe game puts many adults’ to shame. The kid’s swagger is out of this world already. There’s no way he won’t be cool when he grows up.

If you watched through the whole video then you probably saw the part where it was revealed the Treylin aka ‘Nuggetworld561’s tattoos are only temporary. Essentially they only did the first part of the tattoo process where the artist uses temporary ink to put the outline of the tattoo on your body.

Of course it those were real tattoos on 1 year old kid than child protective services would have likely come knocking on her door. How do you feel about a baby with tattoos?