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Texas Man Shooting Gun at Two Men Dressed as Fake Maintenance Workers Breaking into His Apartment Goes Viral

A video that has gone viral on social media shows a Dallas tenant firing his gun through his apartment door at two men who tried to break in posing as maintenance workers. The incident happened on August 19 at the Interlace Apartments, where the tenant, Ethan Rodriguez, lives with his wife, his brother and his 7-month-old son.

How Dallas Texas Man Ethan Rodriguez Almost Shot Two Burglars Dressed a Fake Maintenance Workers

The shocking footage shows the moment Rodriguez was home with his brother when he heard a knock on his door. He checked his doorbell camera, and saw a man claiming to be a maintenance worker. Rodriguez told him he was not home and the man left. However, he came back later with another man and they started to kick the door.

According to reports Rodriguez said he saw one of the men holding a gun and decided to shoot at them in self-defense. He claimed that police who watched the video said he let off 13 shots, which shocked him despite the fact he claimed he knew that he emptied his clip.

The Dallas Police Department said that officers responded to the scene just after 6 p.m. and found two male suspects who had fled the scene.

One of them, Aaron Contreras, 30, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, deadly conduct and attempted burglary of a habitation. The other suspect has not been identified yet.

The police also confirmed that one of the suspects shot back at Rodriguez, but missed him and his brother. The video shows bullets flying into Rodriguez’s neighbor’s apartment, but they were not home at the time.

According to WFAA, Rodriguez said he was grateful that his wife and son were not home during the shooting, and plans to break his lease and move to another place with his family. It must be very scary for him to know that one of the suspects is still out there somewhere. This is one situation where one could argue that him owning a gun saved his life.

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