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Video Aftermath of Mass Shooting at Delaware’s Christiana Mall Shows People Running and Hiding For Their Lives

On Saturday a peaceful evening at the Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware turned into a nightmare when a teenage shooter opened fire in the food court, injuring three people and sending shoppers running for their lives. The gunman, who is still at large, is believed to be a teenager who allegedly fled the scene in a dark-colored sedan.

According to witnesses, the shooting allegedly occurred around 7 p.m., when the mall was crowded with families and Easter shoppers. Some heard loud bangs and thought they were fireworks, until they saw people falling to the ground and vital red fluid splattered on the floor. Others saw the shooter allegedly wearing a hooded sweatshirt, holding a handgun and firing randomly at people, but it’s not known if this was a targeted incident.

The victims were transported to a nearby hospital. Their identities and conditions have not been released yet. The motive for the shooting is also unknown at this time. The mall is being evacuated and closed for the rest of the night as police conduct a criminal investigation. Videos posted on social media showed shoppers running for their lives, hiding in stores, and leaving their cars behind in the parking lot. Many police cars and ambulances were also seen outside the mall.

This is not the first time that Christiana Mall has been the site of a shooting. In July 2021, a woman was killed outside the mall after a car crash that was later determined to be a homicide. The suspect in that case was arrested and charged with murder.

Christiana Mall is a popular destination for shoppers from Delaware and neighboring states, especially because of the state’s lack of sales tax. The mall has over 150 stores and restaurants, including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Apple, and Cheesecake Factory.

The shooting has shocked and saddened many people who frequent the mall. Some expressed their anger and frustration over the lack of gun control and security measures. Others offered their prayers and support for the victims and their families.

Delaware State Police are asking anyone with information about the shooting or the suspect to contact them at 302-834-2620 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333.

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