A Police Officer Killed Sarah Everad: Metropolitan Police officer PC Wayne Couzens Murdered Sarah Everard

There has been an unbelievably sad discovery in the case of the 33 year old missing UK woman. It has now been confirm a UK Police officer Wayne Couzens killed Sarah Everad. According to reports the Metropolitan Police officer PC Wayne Couzens is being charged with murder and kidnapping of Sarah Evarard.

Earlier today Assistant Commissioner Nick Ephgrave of UK Police confirmed the body found in Ashford, Kent woodlands was Sarah Everad. The young woman went missing on after visiting a friend, and taking what should have been a 50 minute walk through Clapham Common to her destination in Brixton.

Below is a photo BBC posted on Twitter that predicts the path Sarah Everard was trying to take when she was kidnapped and murdered by a police officer.

Nick Ephgrave of UK Police Confirm Sarah Everad Body Was Found in Ashford, Kent Woodlands

The case of Sarah Everad’s murder has caused panic and fear in women all across the world, because the area she was kidnapped in was thought to be very safe. With investigators discovering it was a Metropolitan Police Officer Wayne Couzens who killed Sarah Everard, it explains how this happened in an area where most people never expected such a crime to take place. It was a person that was supposed to protect Sarah Everad that ended up murdering her.

It’s inevitable that massive protests against police will take place all over the world in reaction to this breaking news.

Author: JordanThrilla

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