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New Ohio Water Videos Showing Milk Sizzling, Chemical Flakes Forming in Tea, and White Solids Forming in Boiling Water Spark Mike DeWine East Palestine Government Cover-Up Conspiracy Theory

Residents of Ohio have sparked an uproar in recent weeks, expressing their concerns about the levels of chemical contamination in their local water following the derailment of a train carrying hazardous chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio.

On February 6th, a train carrying chemicals including Vinyl Chloride, Isobutylene, Butyl Acrylate, Benzene, Ethylhexyl Acrylate, and Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether, derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. Due to the hazardous nature of these chemicals, the train was carrying roughly 18,000 gallons of an absorbent compound in order to reduce potential exposure. The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating the cause of the derailment, but their findings have yet to be released. The train was one of three around the United States that derailed in the same week.

Why Hasn’t Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Declared a State of Emergency? Evidence from Ohio Residents Fueling Conspiracy Theory of East Palestine Government Cover Up

In the wake of the derailment, residents of Ohio were advised to avoid drinking the Ohio River water, as well as swimming, fishing, and other recreational activities. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitored the chemical levels in the water, and just over 1 week later Governor Mike DeWine ultimately declared the Ohio River water to be safe, claiming that the chemical plume had fully dissipated.

However, since then Ohio residents have taken to social media to express their concerns, posting videos of alleged chemical contamination still in the water. One of the videos displays dead fish and frogs floating in the Ohio River. Another video shows someone’s milk sizzling after adding it to Ohio water they used to make coffee. Yet another video shows alleged chemical flakes that formed in tea a woman’s boyfriend made with Ohio water.

Another resident showed a white solid that began forming after boiling Ohio water. The scariest footage shows chemical rings forming in Ohio River water after disturbing a Creek Bed, which may indicate that the chemicals have absorbed deep into the sediment of surrounding areas.

This has fueled a conspiracy theory that Ohio’s government is covering up the true extent to the environmental damage caused by the East Palestine train derailment, which in theory could explain why Mike DeWine hasn’t declared a state of emergency. This comes on the cusp of the recent announcement that FEDS are being sent to investigate.

Whether these videos are real or not, it’s still very strange that no State of Emergency has been declared over this incident despite the evidence clearly showing how dangerous it is to people in that area. It’s not surprising that many people believe Mike DeWine is trying to make it appear he has the train derailment situation under control at the expense of the general safety of the public. Could there be any truth to the conspiracy theory of an East Palestine government cover-up happening in plain sight?

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