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Real Life Jurassic Park Discovered in China? Woman Claims China Found an Undocumented Land of Living Dinosaurs in 2023

Did China find a real life Jurassic Park? A video posted by a woman claiming to have seen a news telecast about a new land full of dinosaur-like creatures discovered in China has quickly started going viral fueling conspiracy theories.

How the Woman Allegedly Discovered that China Found a New Land Full of Living Dinosaurs in 2023

According to the woman who goes by “Ravenguru2” on Tiktok, she was at a nail salon where the Chinese nail techs were watching a news telecast broadcast directly from China. The woman said she used a translating app on her phone to decipher what the news was saying, and was shocked to realize China was announcing the discovery of a previously undocumented area of land that had living dinosaur creatures over 13 feet tall.

According to her testimony during the news telecast it was explained that a group of 15 Chinese scientists claim that there could be thousands of the dinosaur-like creatures living in this uncharted territory. They are now allegedly studying how they survived all this time, what type of foods they eat, and how they track prey.

The video has been extremely popular on the Internet, with some people suggesting that the woman’s account is true and that China has indeed discovered a new land full of dinosaurs in 2023. Others, however, remain skeptical and point out that the video lacks any evidence or proof that the news telecast actually happened. Also it doesn’t make sense for China to hide this type of news from the world. Nevertheless her claim has sparked conspiracy theories, take a listen.

This is probably how the Chinese researchers reacted when they first saw those alleged dinosaurs.

Overall, the video posted by the woman has made a huge impact on the internet, as it has gone viral and sparked a lot of debate. Even if the story ends up not being true, it has still served as an interesting topic for people to discuss, as well as has given some people the chance to explore certain aspects of conspiracy theory. The idea of a real-life Jurassic Park in China remains an intriguing thought.