What does an employee deserve after being the most loyal and consistent worker in a business’ history? Most people would say they deserve a raise, promotion, or some other magnificent reward. However, Burger King thought otherwise is now receiving backlash, but it ended being a good situation for the employee named Kevin Ford.

Details About the Kevin Ford Burger King Goodie Bag 27 Year Debacle

Kevin Ford is 54 year old man who has been working at Burger King since the age of 27. Amazingly he has never missed a day of work even when he was sick. Recently Burger King executives decided to honor him for his work ethic by giving him a goodie bag filled with things like candy and one movie ticket.

The award that was meant to honor him seemed more like slap in face that seemed to show that Burger King’s upper management didn’t truly value the work he has done for the company. Take a look at Kevin Ford’s TikTok video showing the moment he received the disrespectful Burger King Goodie Bag for never missing a day.

Kevin Ford GoFundMe Created After His Burger King Goodie Bag Video

As more people on social media learned of his situation from watching the video, the backlash towards Burger King for their goodie bag grew more and more, and eventually it became the national story it is today. Since it seemed as if Burger King didn’t truly appreciate an employee that never missed a day in the past 27 years, social media took it upon themselves to make sure this dedicated man got his proper reward. That’s when the Kevin Ford GoFundMe was created by his daughter Seryna, and now it has raised over $50,000 with a $75K goal. At the moment 1,800 people have donated to his cause.

It’s not often you see someone so dedicated to a job that most people would consider a dead end career. Kevin Ford was truly dedicated to a job most people would hate doing, and that says something about how mentally strong he is.

This one of those feel good stories that shows the good social media can do to better people’s lives. Hopefully Kevin Ford uses his GoFundMe money wisely, and invests it so he never has to work at Burger King again. Shame on Burger King executives for that “goodie bag”.

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