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Here is How to Make $7,000 Watching The Simpsons Episodes From the Comfort of Your Home

Do you love The Simpsons, and are currently looking for a job? If you answered yes to both those questions there is a dream opportunity for you. You can get paid to watch The Simpsons, and you won’t even have to leave your comfortable home.

UK Casino Website Platin Casino Paying $7,000 to Watch The Simpsons Episodes, But There’s a Catch

UK Casino is offering $7,000 for you to watch 706 Episodes of the Simpsons, which equates to all 33 seasons. You’ll actually be part of study in which they are trying to find if there are any future events they may be predicting that people haven’t noticed. You will be required to take note of any events from each episode that stands out. This is actually some serious work.

Platin Casino Simpsons Series Analyst Job Requirements

To earn the full $7,000 Platin Casino will require you to spend at least 35.5 hours, have a computer with internet access, and be fluent in English. The job title is officially being called, “The Simpsons Series Analyst”. In all you will be watching The Simpsons episodes for 284 hours over the course of 8 weeks, which equates to making around $25 an hour.

The data you compile will be used by Platin Casino to create a database that will calculate the probability of each potential prediction actually happening. For a Casino knowing something will happen before it does can prove to be very lucrative.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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