Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Jill Biden are trending worldwide after strange details were allegedly leaked from their son’s phone. According to reports users on 4CHAN hacked Hunter Biden’s iPhone and leaked damning details from his iCloud account. The most notable information that has caught attention was an alleged conversation with a person called ‘Pedo Peter’, Hunter Biden’s pedophile search history on adult film websites, and a video involving a woman tied up with a bag over her head.

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Details on How 4Chan Cracked Hunter Biden’s iPhone iCloud Account Allegedly

On July 9th a rumor started to flood social media that members of 4CHAN hacked Hunter Biden’s iPhone gaining access to his iCloud account. Apparently they somehow figured out Hunter Biden’s backup password. Shortly after a plethora of leaks allegedly from his phone made way to the internet, and people were absolutely shocked at what they saw and read. If the leaks are real it could put Joe Biden’s future as president in jeopardy in theory.

Who is Pedo Peter? 4CHAN Cracks Hunter Biden iPhone iCloud Account Leaking Alleged Pedophile Conversations and Search History

There are many things about 4Chan’s Hunter Biden iPhone leak that are shocking, but one the most involved someone named ‘Pedo Peter? According to reports there is alleged evidence of a conversation between the person named ‘Pedo Peter’, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Jill Biden, and Maisy Biden. People who have seen it are describing it as a group conversation. In addition it’s alleged Hunter Biden searched for 12 year old girl underage adult videos, and didn’t delete the history from his phone.

If the conversation and search history is real does it confirm Pizza Gate? Does it mean Hunter Biden is a pedophile? Is Joe Biden a pedophile since he was allegedly in the conversation with Pedo Peter? In the past Joe Biden has been accused of touching young girls inappropriately during public events, as you can just go on YouTube and see videos about it. This only fuels those conspiracy theories about his affinity towards underage women.

4CHAN Hunter Biden iPhone Leaks Shows Video of Woman Tied Up with Bag Over Her Head While Hunter Biden Eats Sandwich

If the ‘Pedo Peter’ name in Hunter Biden’s iPhone and his pedophile search history for 12 year old girls wasn’t shocking enough, there was also an alleged video that showed a woman in a questionable situation. The evidence was a screenshot of the FaceTime where Hunter Biden is eating a sandwich while the woman is tied up with a red bag over her head. It’s not clear if they were doing some type of role play, but it really looks like the woman couldn’t breathe or was passed out.

Will 4Chan’s Hacked Hunter Biden iPhone Leak Cause Them to Get Shut Down?

Some people are convinced that Joe Biden will put in motion a series of orders that will lead to 4CHAN getting taken down due to Hunter Biden’s iPhone iCloud leak. However, it seems they have already taken necessary steps to make sure their leaks stay on the internet forever.

According to reports 4CHAN created torrents of Hunter Biden’s iPhone and iCloud backups just to make sure the information is spread before the website is possibly taken offline.

Do you think Joe Biden will speak publicly on this? In the past he has always avoided talking about controversies involving his son, but his name is actually in the leaks too.

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