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Was Jalen Rose Dissing Rachel Nichols On Live TV During WCF Game 6 When Talking About Maria Taylor Salary?

With Rachel Nichols vs Maria Taylor situation taking over sports headlines, videos from the past are being looked at under a microscope. People are searching to find if there was any early indications that something was amidst behind the scenes. One video in particular has people thinking that Jalen Rose dissed Rachel Nichols on Live TV during the Western Conference Finals Game 6 of Suns vs Clippers.

In the segment where they were talking about people deserving money for being great at what they do, Jalen Rose said Maria Taylor deserves a raise. Coincidentally she was taking Rachel Nichols spot on the NBA Countdown Show on that day.

In hindsight it now seems like Jalen Rose was taking shots at Rachel Nichols, because he was aware of the racist comments she made in about Maria Taylor in the audio that leaked to the public today.

Some people will say it was just coincidence, but then you remember that they reportedly almost boycotted NBA Countdown back when Rachel Nichols first made the comments, because ESPN didn’t punish her. It’s clear they already didn’t like the racist vibes she was bringing on the set with remarks she made about Maria Taylor, and Jalen Rose may have been subliminally expressing that sentiment with the comment about her deserving raise.

How deep does the rabbit hole really go with this situation? Is this the start of something bigger about to be exposed by ESPN?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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