It’s not often that multiple GOATS are in the same building for a preseason game, but on this day Lebron James was playing, and Floyd Mayweather was watching courtside. The dynamic got even more interesting when the unlikely Luka Garza entered the chat, and captured the attention of both GOATS for different reasons. In the end Lakers ended up with another loss, which made the moment that much more viral.

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Timberwolves Star Luka Garza Talks Trash to Floyd Mayweather While Destroying the Lakers in Front Lebron James

Drafted in 2021 Luka Garza isn’t a household name you hear in many basketball discussions. Hailing from a lineage of Bosnian descent his decorated resume includes a “National College Player of the Year” award from his time with the Iowa Hawkeyes. Although it was just a preseason game, this might have been the most memorable moment of him young NBA career so far. He’ll definitely be a topic on First Take and Undisputed.

Late in the Lakers vs Timberwolves preseason game Luka Garza caught fire from deep, and ended the night with 15 points in only 12 minutes. He went 3 for 3 from three point land down the stretch. While he was torching the Lakers with Lebron watching from the bench Luka Garza talked trash to Floyd Mayweather in the crowd after each basket he scored. After the game Luka and Mayweather were seen chatting about what went down in a friendly manner.

This past season Luka Garza showed a lot of improvement in his overall game during his stint in the G League. One of the best aspects of his game is his ability to stretch the floor, and the robot like jump shot that has limitless range. The most important aspect he’ll need to have to become an integral part of an NBA roster is consistency.

Luka Garza taunting Floyd Mayweather adds to the trend of unexpected things happening before the NBA season officially begins.

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