When Patrick Beverley was signed to the Lakers much talk was around the dynamics of how they would coexist considering the controversial history between them. The two were once regarded by most people at the most personal beef in the NBA. However, in the weeks after the signing the two appeared to become best friends. However, now people are convinced that Russell Westbrook is already beefing with Patrick Beverley after what went down during Lakers’ loss to the Timberwolves.

Why Did Russell Westbrook Ignore Patrick Beverley’s Team Huddle Request and Throw Ball at Jaden McDaniels?

Overall this was a game where it seemed like Russell Westbrook was in a bad mood from the jump. While sitting on the bench he seemed to have a frustrated look on his face. Considering his stat line of 5 points on 1-3 shooting in 25 minutes it’s possible he’s already not liking his diminished role in the offense. Even Patrick Beverley took more shots than him.

His frustration may have boiled over when Russell Westbrook ignored Patrick Beverley’s call for a Team Huddle. Even as he repeatedly gestured at him to join, Russell Westbrook refused to enter Pat Bev’s team huddle until Anthony Davis convinced him to enter their circle. Lebron James looked very surprised as he saw what was happening.

His frustrations showed earlier in the game when Russell Westbrook pushed Jaden McDaniels then threw the ball at him.

According to reports the lineup of Lebron, AD, Lonnie Walker, Westbrook, and Patrick Beverley is expected to be their starting five when the regular season officially begins. With that 5 on the floor it seemed like Westbrook was the fifth option on offense, and taking a backseat to someone he used to beef with might be getting to him.

Is Russell Westbrook ignoring Patrick Beverley’s team huddle a sign of trouble in Lakers land already, or a false alarm?

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