Does Elfrid Payton have a burner account? Knicks legend Elfrid Payton was exposed for having a burner account on Twitter like Kevin Durant after a series of arguments on Twitter. While it’s not confirmed if burner account “knicksfan6” belongs to Elfrid Payton, all the writing on the wall seems to indicate that it’s clearly him.

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The viral screenshots show Elfrid Payton arguing with fans from his burner account trying to prove that it’s not him sending out tweets.

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For example one person grilled the “knicksfan6” account about why they never post during Knicks game, to which Elfrid Payton responded “I always work during games, because of my work schedule“.

Another fan addressed him as “you” when responding to his tweet about a Knicks game, to which Elfrid Payton responded saying “Who is you? I’m literally just a fan“.

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He seems way to defensive to not be guilty of using a burner account. Take a look.

Elfrid Payton’s alleged burner account “knicksfan6” criticizes Knicks after every game, but never during the games. Even when people told him to tweet during a game, the account still couldn’t and instead made the “I work during games excuse”. That just seems way too fishy.

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Kevin Durant started the wave of sports figures getting exposed for having a burner account, and Elfrid Payton is continuing that wave possibly. Even if “Knicksfan6” isn’t him, the evidence is just way too compelling to believe otherwise.

Author: JordanThrilla

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