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Is the Reason Kyrie Irving Wears Number 11 Proof the ‘Angel Number 11’ Conspiracy Theory is True?

There’s no doubt that Kyrie Irving is one of the deepest players in the NBA. He seems like one of those people who is very in tune with their mind, body, and soul. Everything he does has an aura of mystery behind it that makes people wonder what goes on in his complex mind. Naturally when people learned the true meaning behind his jersey number they were shocked out far the rabbit hole goes, and it also fueled belief in the ‘Angel Number 11’ spiritual conspiracy theory.

Why Does Kyrie Irving Wear Jersey Number 11?

The first reason Kyrie wears number 11 is because he was born at exactly 1:11 pm. Secondly, his dad wore the number when he played College basketball at Boston University. Thirdly if you count each letter in his name “Kyrie Irving” you’ll notice there’s 11 characters. Fourthly the first letter of his name “K” is also the 11th letter of the alphabet. Fifthly, after he played 11 games at Duke he was drafted by the Cavaliers in 2011. Lastly he scored his 11,000 point on the March 11, which technically doesn’t have anything to do with his jersey number, but once again shows that the number 11 is almost divine for him.

Does Kyrie Irving’s Reason for Wearing Number 11 Prove the “Angel Number 11” Conspiracy Theory is True?

Based on his testimony it’s easy to see at many important points in Kyrie Irving’s life the number 11 was actually bestowed upon him not by choice, but by fate. Interestingly his story seems to support spiritual beliefs behind “Angel Number 11”.

The religious conspiracy theory behind this special number is that it represents intuition, awareness, and sensitivity. It is believed that this number will “appear” sometimes when you have to make an important decision, or need to have a heightened level of awareness due to people around trying to tear you down.

All of this can easily apply to Irving’s life in terms of things he goes through currently and in the past, which is why people think his story of why he wears the digit is proof that the spiritual conspiracy theories regarding number 11 might have some merit.