Has the reason behind Kelly Oubre’s shooting slump been revealed? According to new reports Kelly Oubre is being extorted for $3 Million by his Ex-girlfriend Makena LeDuff. The two were dating for a period of 2 years.

Kelly Oubre starting dating Mekena LeDuff in 2017 and broke up with her in 2019. The extortion attempt allegedly started in January of this year. According to reports it’s alleged that Mekena LeDuff threatened Kelly Oubre by saying she would expose fabricated secrets about him being involved in criminal activities, if he didn’t give her the $3 Million in cash.

The situation has now backfired on Mekena LeDuff as Kelly Oubre has now allegedly filed a lawsuit against her. Oubre is seeking punitive damages and sole custody of his two dogs Saint and Soul.

Could this be the reason behind Kelly Oubre’s shooting slump? As you may or may not Kelly Oubre is off to one of the worst shooting starts in NBA history. It’s almost like he forgot how to make threes. He has also made strange basketball plays that left the entire Warriors franchise confused on Live TV.

Kelly Oubre being extorted for $3 Million by his ex girl Mekena LeDuff would definitely be a lot to think about during NBA games. It’s easy to see he is an emotional person on and off the court. His ex-girlfriend literally took gold digging to criminal levels on him.

Author: JordanThrilla

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