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What Happened to Mufasa Body in Lion King? Conspiracy Theory Scar Eats Mufasa Body in Lion King Explained in Detail

What happened to Mufasa’s body after he fell off the cliff in the Lion King movie? Did Scar eat Mufasa’s body or was it the Hyenas? The answer may actually be proven by science, a subtle hint hidden in the movie itself. This fuels the Lion King Conspiracy Theory Scar eats Mufasa body.

In the Lion King after Scar makes Mufasa fall off the cliff, the movie never actually shows what takes place after. People assumed Hyenas ate Mufasa, but science disagrees with that.

According to Science Hyenas don’t eat Lions, but Lions do eat other Lions. Based on those facts, it appears Scar ate Mufasa’s body after he died. There was subtle proof in a later scene from Lion King that many people over looked, which we will show you below.

As you can see in the photo above Scar plays with a Lion skull he keeps as a trophy later on the Lion King movie. That lion skull is likely Mufasa’s skull, which he kept after eating him.

In the photo above we compared the alleged Lion Skull from Lion King side by side with real Lion Skull. You can see they have same general shape, which likely proves Scar is indeed holding Mufasa’s skull.

It’s a sick twisted idea that makes the Lion King universe a lot more savage than most people once thought, but it appears Scar was a cannibal. The answer to what happened to Mufasa’s body has been right in front of our eyes all this time.

The Lion King conspiracy theory Scar eats Mufasa’s body then kept his lion skull as a trophy, has scientific evidence backing it. Hopefully Simba never realized this.

Author: JordanThrilla