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Sad Video Shows a Father Abandoning His Kids Because Their Mother Requested More Child Support

It’s no secret that when two parents are going through relationship turmoil the people who suffer most are their kids. This is especially true when the kids are young, but still old enough to realize what is going on. These situations become tragic when one of the parents decides to vent their anger by refusing to support their children when they need help.

Sad Video Shows a Father Refusing to Pick Up his Kids Because Their Mother Requested More Child Support

An emotional video going viral shows the moment that two crying kids called their dad to pick up them. Rather than coming to their aid, the father told his kids not to call him for help anymore and that he would no longer help them with anything, because their mother requested more child support. The entire phone call he berated their mother, and made it seem like it was partly his kids’ fault. The father who was supposed to be the number one protector of his kids abandoned them over a feud between him and their mother.

You could hear the pain in his children’s’ voices when his son said, ‘why daddy’. Despite the sadness in their heart it didn’t affect their father one bit as his mind was clouded by rage towards his baby mama. Now he’s creating an environment where his kids could grow up hating their father, which can lead to all kinds of issues later on life.

Prayers up for those kids, because it’s going to take a long time to recover from hearing the things their dad said to them. Hopefully he realized how crazy he was sounding, and eventually apologized to them.

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