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Here’s Why People Believe This Cereal is the Worst Type to Eat if You Have Roaches

A Facebook post warning people about the dangers of eating Honey Smacks cereal if they have roaches in their home has gone viral, garnering over 46,000 likes and thousands of comments. The post, which was shared by a user who allegedly claimed to work in pest control, alleged that Honey Smacks is the worst kind of cereal to eat if you have roaches. This has left many people pondering what unique features of this cereal roaches seem to love so much.

Why Does Honey Smacks Attract Roaches More Than Other Cereals in Theory?

Honey Smacks is a sweetened puffed wheat breakfast cereal made by Kellogg’s, noted for its high sugar content. It was introduced in the early 1950s as Sugar Smacks, but changed its name to Honey Smacks in the 1980s to downplay its sugar content.

However, the sugar content remained the same, and according to Consumer Reports, Honey Smacks has more than 50 percent sugar by weight, making it one of the most sugary cereals on the market. The product title Honey Smacks is also inconsistent, with honey being a minor ingredient in the recipe.

According to Kellogg’s website, the ingredients of Honey Smacks are: whole grain wheat, sugar, glucose syrup, honey, contains 2% or less of palm oil, fruit juice for color, salt, canola lecithin, mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) for freshness. The cereal also contains 10 essential vitamins and minerals, but these may not outweigh the negative effects of consuming too much sugar and honey.

Sugar and honey are both known to attract roaches, as well as other pests such as ants and mice. Roaches are omnivorous scavengers that can feed on almost anything, but they have a preference for sweet and starchy foods. They can also detect food sources from a distance using their antennae and mouthparts. Therefore, leaving Honey Smacks cereal in an open or poorly sealed container can easily attract roaches to your pantry or kitchen.

honey smacks cereal attracting roaches
Social Media Claims Honey Smacks Attract Roaches More Than Any Other Cereal

Roaches are not only a nuisance, but also a health hazard. They can contaminate food and surfaces with their feces, saliva, and body parts, which can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks in some people. They can also carry and transmit various diseases such as salmonella, typhoid fever, dysentery, and cholera.

In fact, in 2018, Kellogg’s had to recall certain packages of Honey Smacks due to the possible presence of salmonella.

The best way to prevent roach infestations is to keep your home clean and dry, and store your food in airtight containers or in the refrigerator. You should also seal any cracks or gaps where roaches can enter your home, and use baits, traps, or insecticides to eliminate any existing roaches.

If you have a severe or persistent roach problem, you may need to contact a professional pest control service for help.

Honey Smacks may be a tasty treat for some people, but it may not be worth the risk of attracting roaches to your home according to some people on social media.