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Did Pitbull Lie About Beating Drag-On in a Rap Battle with DMX and Swizz Beatz Watching?

Former Ruff Ryders rapper Drag-On has called out Pitbull for allegedly lying about beating him in a rap battle 15 years ago. In an Instagram post, Drag-On claimed that the incident happened while he was shooting a video with DMX, and that no rap battle ever took place.

Why Did Drag-On Say that Pitbull Lied About Beating Him in a Rap Battle?

Drag-On warned Pitbull not to let Irv Gotti gas him up to beef with him, because he has battled real rappers with great bars. He ended his post by telling Pitbull to watch his old freestyle videos before responding, and deciding if he wants to do a battle in 2023. The whole post seemed like polite disrespect insinuating that Pitbull isn’t on his level as a rapper.

Drag-On’s post was a response to Pitbull’s recent appearance on Gold Minds with Kevin Hart, where he revisited the rumors of his rap battle with Drag-On in the late ’90s. Pitbull said that he was invited to a DMX video shoot by one of his high school classmates, who worked in the music industry.

He said that one of his friends hyped him up to DMX and challenged anyone to rap against him. He said that he ended up battling Drag-On for eight rounds and that Swizz Beatz was the judge. He said that Drag-On was disqualified for spitting a verse from a record that had not come out yet, and that he won the battle.

However, Drag-On disputed Pitbull’s version of events and said that it was all lies. He said that he was busy filming a video with DMX for the song, ‘No Love For Me’, and that they begged him to come outside to hear Pitbull rap and spit with him.

He said that he did not want to come out there, and that he should not have. He said that it was not a battle at all and that Pitbull knows this. He said that he does not know why Pitbull has been saying that he got on through him, because he has been very successful.

Drag-On also challenged Pitbull to a rematch, and said that he would smoke him if he mentions his name in a disrespectful way again. He said that he has battled real rappers with real bars, and that Pitbull is not one of them. He advised Pitbull to watch his freestyle videos, and see if he wants this smoke. He said that he does not bother anyone, but Pitbull keeps messing with him. He said that he knows he is a bar trophy to some rappers.

Drag-On Claims Pitbull is Lying About Beating Him in a Rap Battle

Pitbull’s Old Freestyle Videos Could be Proof that He Actually Did Beat Drag-On

Now you might think it’s far fetched that Pitbull could even hang with Drag-On in a rap battle, but back in the 90s he was completely different type of rapper that had legit bars. He went mainstream and changed his persona and lyrics to make money.

Drag-On is best known for being part of the Ruff Ryders crew in the late ’90s and early 2000s, along with DMX, Eve, The Lox, and Swizz Beatz. He released his debut album Opposite of H2O in 2000, which featured the hit single Down Bottom with Juvenile. He also appeared on several Ruff Ryders compilations and soundtracks. He has since released several mixtapes and independent albums.

Pitbull is best known for being a pop star who has collaborated with various artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Usher, and Chris Brown. He has released 11 studio albums, and has won several awards, including a Grammy, an American Music Award, and a Billboard Music Award. He is also known for his philanthropic work, and his involvement in various business ventures.

The rap battle between Drag-On and Pitbull has been a topic of debate among hip-hop fans for years, with some siding with Drag-On and some siding with Pitbull. However, it seems that the two rappers have different memories of what happened that day, and have not settled their differences yet. It remains to be seen if they will ever face off again in 2023, or if they will let bygones be bygones.

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