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4 Year Old Kid Rapper Kash Mania Saves Lunch Money to Buy a Feature from Lil Boosie in Viral Video

Some people already know what they want to be in life at a young age, and start early at taking the necessary steps to achieve their goals. For one kid rapper who is only 4 years old he’s already on path to becoming a superstar rapper, and is already knowledgeable about the sacrifices he needs to make to secure his dream. A viral video shows how he paid for a feature from one of the biggest rappers in the game.

Video Shows 4 Year Old Kid Rapper Kash Mania Saved His Lunch Money to Buy a Feature from Lil Boosie

When you’re an upcoming rapper getting a feature from a well known artist is any easy way to expand the reach of your current audience. However, those features usually cost a lot of money, so it requires a willingness to invest in yourself, and spend a lot the cash you have on hand. A TikTok video posted by Kash Mania shows the genius 4 year old rapper saved his lunch money to buy a feature from Lil Boosie.

In the footage the 4 year old pulled a large sum of money out a bag, and handed to Lil Boosie. He didn’t know how to react since the kid was so young, but he felt flattered that the young kid sacrificed his lunch money just to get him on a track. This shows how dedicated KashMania is to his future.

KashMania’s most famous single is ‘Snack Out’ song, which was released last year.

Hopefully in the end Lil Boosie gave the kid his money back, and let him get that feature for free.

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