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Did Patrick Beverley Diss Lebron James and Become Best Friends With Russell Westbrook During First Lakers Press Conference Interview?

Patrick Beverley is a Laker now, which has the basketball world excited for many reasons. For one people get to see how he will cope with playing on the same team as Russell Westbrook. In addition Lebron has never really had a tenacious defender of his caliber at the guard position on his team. Now there may be another interesting aspect to the equation after Patrick Beverley’s strange, but not surprising Lakers press conference interview.

Did Patrick Beverley Diss Lebron James and Anthony Davis in First Lakers Press Conference Interview and Become Best Friends With Russell Westbrook?

When Patrick Beverley made the playoffs last year he cried as if he won a championship. His reaction was based on the fact that everyone counted out the Timberwolves, and said they wouldn’t make the playoffs. They went on to get eliminated in the first round by the Grizzlies. Despite not making it past first round Patrick Beverley is still holds that playoff achievement high over his head, and it appears he may feel he has more pull on the court than Lebron James and AD.

During his first Lakers press conference interview Patrick Beverley heard a reporter say “You’re playing with Lebron and Anthony Davis now”. He quickly corrected the reporter by saying “They’re gonna be playing with me. I made the playoffs last year, they didn’t. It’s a difference”. Now make no mistake, Patrick Beverley is a difference maker, and definitely could catapult the Lakers back into being a contender as a role player, but was he talking down on the two superstars of the Lakers? Did Patrick Beverley diss Lebron James and Anthony Davis with that playoffs remark? It appeared as if Patrick Beverley was offended by reporter saying he was playing with them, instead of him saying they were playing with him. Take a listen.

The bright side about his first press conference is that he and Westbrook seem to be good friends now after their years long beef. During the Lakers press conference interview Russell Westbrook gave Patrick Beverley a towel to wipe his sweat. Patrick Beverley creditd Westbrook with giving him the first assist of the year.

Most basketball fans love how over confident Patrick Beverley is. His overconfidence is part of the reason he’s so great on defense despite being an undersized player in reality. However, is it possible that same overconfidence could lead to chemistry issues? After what he said during the press conference some people are convinced it will eventually be a problem.

Is Patrick Beverley now the Draymond Green or Marcus Smart of the Lakers in terms of being a role player who is also an emotional floor leader?

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