Can Bryce James Dunk Now? Viral Video Shows Bryce James is Dunking on Regulation Rims

When it comes to Lebron James’ sons Bronny seems to get most of the intention since is he older, and playing at higher level than his younger brother. However, the speculation about Bryce James’ height has made him gain a lot of popularity on social media ever since he started playing on the Sierra Canyon JV team. Now new footage shows that his athleticism is starting to catch up to his height.

Can Bryce James Dunk Now? Viral Video Shows Bryce James is Dunking on Regulation Rims

A few months many people were wondering if Bryce James can dunk. There was previously no footage of him throwing it done on a regulation height basketball rim. However, that all changed to today with a new clip going viral on social media.

In this footage Bryce James dunked for the first time, at least in the eyes of many people on social media.

Most people would agree that Bronny James is the most athletic of Lebron’s sons. However, it’s easy to see that Bryce James is taller than Bronny James, and will eventually be much taller considering his current growth pattern. In this footage Bryce James dunked the ball very easily, which is a scary sight.

Bryce James is only 14 years old, and is already slightly taller than Bronny James who seems to have stopped growing at 6’2″. While Bronny seems like a pass first timid player, Bryce is that exact opposite in that he is much more aggressive at trying to score the basketball.

Bronny’s best strength is his passing and defense, while Bryce’s best strength seem to be his shooting and fearlessness when driving to the basket. They are two very different players, but from a physical standpoint Bryce James has more potential.

Hopefully they both make the NBA. Bryce James dunking now shows that he is putting in work.

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