LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges Handshake Might Be the Longest Ever Seen in the NBA

LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges’ handshake could possibly be the longest ever seen in the NBA. It was literally so long it looked like they had to take a break.

The moment it was caught on camera was after Hornets impressive win over the Kings in a nail biter. A series of embarrassing plays for De’Aaron Fox helped seal the win for Charlotte. With much to be happy about LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges’ long handshake was put on full display. How long did they work on this?

The current king of long handshakes definitely has to be Lebron James. He literally has a differently lengthy handshake for each player on his team with the help of his incredible memory.

However, LaMelo Ball could be taking his spot soon, because even Lebron doesn’t have one as long as his with Miles Bridges. The on court chemistry they have really is deeper than basketball.

Author: JordanThrilla

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