Tekashi 6IX9INE Fight at UFC 266 Goes Viral: Fan Throws Drink on Tekashi69 at UFC 266 Leading to Food Fight. Tekashi69 fights fan at UFC 266 details. What Started the Tekashi 6IX9INE Food Fight with Fan at UFC 266

Tekashi 6IX9INE is one of the most hated men in hip-hop after he became the most profound mainstream snitch ever, so no matter where he goes it seems his head needs to be on a swivel. His lack of awareness was taken advantage of during a recent UFC event, and ended up being a embarrassing night for one of the most infamous New York superstars ever.

What Started the Tekashi 6IX9INE Food Fight with Fan at UFC 266?

Tekashi69 was enjoying himself walking to his seat at UFC 266, when his night would quickly turn chaotic. It started with fans in crowd cursing at him saying,

“Tekashi69 you is a b****”.

He was ignoring the comments since it was just words, but then the disresepect was taken to another level. One of the fans threw a drink on Tekashi 6IX9INE at UFC 266. In an act of retaliation Tekashi69 hit the UFC 266 fan with his food. It was basically a one on one food fight.

The fan at UFC 266 treated Tekashi 6IX9INE like Conor McGregor did Machine Gun Kelly at the VMAs.

When people aren’t afraid to throw a drink on a celebrity that portrays a gangster image, you know that celebrity must be down bad in terms of public perception and respect. Fans at UFC 266 cursed Tekashi 6I9XINE out, then threw drinks on him to add salt to the disrespectful wounds.

Luckily it didn’t seem like anyone got hurt during that quick scuffle. The fan probably got kicked out though.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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