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Video Shows Man Putting Cheese Around Gunna’s Car After Footage of Him Snitching in Court Session Allegedly

YSL star Gunna recently went viral for his comments during a court session, and the streets is now telling the world how they feel about the situation. Based on the footage going viral on social media, Gunna is in the midst of getting that Tekashi69 treatment.

Why are People Putting Cheese Around Gunna’s Vehicles?

As you’ll see people are putting pieces of cheese around Gunna’s cars, his Maybach in particular. It seems the streets is calling Gunna a snitch in a very artistically unique way. He is being charged with very serious crimes, and people are using their creativity to express how they feel Gunna needs to be held accountable for the alleged snitching actions they are accusing him of.

Is Gunna a Snitch? The Video Evidence Fueling the Conspiracy Theory He’s Working with FEDS

The footage above comes after a video leaked that appeared to show Gunna snitching in court. In the footage Gunna answers “yes Ma’am” to a question about him witnessing members of YSL committing crimes. Gunna also answers “Yes Ma’am” to a question asking if YSL is a street gang. After the video went viral a few days ago, nicknames such as “Gunna Tell” were trending on social media. However, it’s possible people are taking the footage out of context.

If Gunna somehow beats all the charges he’s facing in terms of getting out of prison early, it seems like people might treat him like the new Tekashi 6IX9INE.

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