Casanova is currently locked up behind bars, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what’s going on in the world outside. After hearing the news about Lil TJay getting shot in Edgewater, New Jersey he took to social media to give him advice and words of support.

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Casanova Reacts to Lil TJay Shooting From his Jail Cell with Bullet-Proof Vest Offer

In a short message on Instagram Casanova said he was praying for Lil TJay, and expressed confidence that he felt he will pull through. Lil Tjay was in emergency surgery, and latest reports say he is now out surgery and possibly going to survive. He still has long battle ahead, because his lungs collapsed twice according reports. The part that stood out most about his IG post was Casanova offering a bullet proof vest to Lil TJay once he’s out of the hospital.

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In the message Casanova wrote, “N**** you know better. Praying for you from my jail cell lil bro. You gonna be alright tough times don’t last long only tough people do. And you a bad mother f*. When you get out stop by the crib and pick that bullet proof up”. Some people say you shouldn’t take advice from someone who ended up in jail, but Lil TJay might really need to wear a bulletproof vest once he’s healthy, since so far police haven’t arrested the shooter.

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The amount of support Lil TJay is receiving from the hip-hop community conveys how respected he was as a person and artist. Hopefully he can pull through, and make a comeback like 50 Cent did after getting shot 9 times.

Prayers up for Lil TJay, and his family.

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