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Was Lil TJay Set Up at His Hotel Room? Details Behind Conspiracy Theory Lil TJay Was Setup Before Shooting

By now you have probably heard the sad news that rapper Lil TJay was shot in Edgewater New Jersey. Luckily he survived the shooting, and latest reports say he is out of emergency surgery. However, there’s still a chance he could die from complications, because his mother allegedly said that his lungs collapsed twice, so he has a long battle ahead to making a full recovery. Now there is new information coming out that Lil TJay was set-up at his hotel room, and in this article we’ll discuss how that rumor started.

Was Lil TJay Setup at His Hotel Room? Details Behind Conspiracy Theory Lil TJay Got Set Up Before Shooting Happened

A well known YouTuber by the name of Hassan Campbell lives in the Bronx area where Lil TJay is from. He claims to have spoken directly with Lil TJay’s mother about the shooting. The information she allegedly gave him is what he has relaying to his fans on YouTube, and he is considered a trusted source. He was actually the person who revealed that Lil Tjay’s lungs collapsed twice, and that the other person who was shot was Lil Tjay’s cousin Bubba.

The most telling information the Hassan Campbell revealed from his alleged discussion with Lil Tjay’s mother was a claim that Lil TJay was set up at his hotel room before the shooting went down. Hassan Campbell didn’t give anymore information regarding the conspiracy theory surrounding the shooting, because he says it is an active police and street investigation. Take a listen to the video.


This could be one of those situations where truth is more sinister than people could have imagined. If Lil Tjay was set-up, then who put everything in motion? How safe will Lil TJay be when he’s released from the hospital?

The fallout from this situation could last a very long time, as the investigation continues. Will police figure out the truth before the streets do?

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