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Did Remy Ma Cheat on Papoose? Geechi Gotti Exposing Remy Ma and Eazy the Block Captain During Chrome 23 Battle Goes Viral

The rap battle scene was shaken by a shocking revelation from Geechi Gotti, who seem to accuse Remy Ma of cheating on her husband Papoose during his Chrome 23 battle with Eazy the Block Captain. The event, which was hosted by Remy Ma herself, was supposed to showcase the best female talent in the rap industry, but it turned into a scandalous exposé when Geechi Gotti dropped some bombshells about Remy Ma’s alleged infidelity.

Did Remy Ma Cheat on Papoose?

According to Geechi Gotti, Remy Ma had been sleeping with other men behind Papoose’s back, even though he had been loyal and supportive of her throughout her career. He mentioned how Papoose held her down when she was in prison for six years, and stood by her side when she was at a low point in her life.

He insinuated that her allegedly cheating was a betrayal of their marriage and a disrespect to their family. He also said that Papoose and Remy Ma were supposed to be a symbol of black love, but she had tarnished their image with her alleged dishonesty.

The rumors of Remy Ma cheating with Eazy the Block Captain have actually been around even before this rap battle, but no one has ever delivered the information in this manner.

How Remy Ma Reacted to Geechi Gotti’s Cheating Accusations with Eazy the Block Captain Right There

Remy Ma, who was standing on the stage as the host, reacted to Geechi Gotti’s cheating accusations, almost as if she was speechless in her mind. She maintained a poker face throughout his round, which made it seem like he might be telling the truth.

Eazy the Block Captain, also looked stunned by the revelations. He appeared to be unaware of the information that Geechi Gotti had obtained, and he seemed to think that an alleged non-disclosure agreement prevented him from spilling such secrets. Ironically Geechi Gotti started off one of his verses saying that he laughed at the NDA.

Could Geechi Gotti’s Verse Lead to Papoose Divorcing Remy Ma?

The rap battle, which was streamed live on Peacock TV and YouTube, has gone viral since then. Many fans and viewers have expressed their shock and disappointment at Remy Ma’s alleged cheating, and have praised Geechi Gotti for his boldness and skill.

The rap battle has become one of the most talked-about events, and has raised questions about the state of Remy Ma and Papoose’s marriage. Some people think that Geechi Gotti’s words stung so deep that they might get divorced, because of the way it was delivered.

Who Won the Geechi Gotti vs Eazy the Block Captain Battle?

In terms of who won the battled it seems like the general consensus on social media is that Geechi Gotti won it 2-1, but there is still a lot of people who think Eazy the Block Captain won it 2-1. It’s a close majority for Geechi Gotti.

It seems that most people think each opponent delivered only one strong round, since there really isn’t anyone saying they won 3-0.

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