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Stepmom Exposes 17 Year Old PNB Rock Shooter for Bleaching Jewelry He Stole After Murder

Back on September 12 of 2022, PNB Rock was eating at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in Inglewood when a man wearing a purple mask entered the business, and shot him in his chest. Viral footage showed PNB Rock’s dying body on the floor of the restaurant still conscious and able to move before the first responders put him in an ambulance.

He would later be pronounced dead. About two weeks after his passing the suspects who shot and killed PNB Rock were arrested, and they were identified as a father son duo. The intricate details of how they orchestrated the crime showed they allegedly had help from multiple people.

According to reports police believe Freddie Trone was the man who killed PNB Rock. Police accussed his 17 year old son of driving the getaway car according to TMZ. Based on the allegations Freddie Trone and his son were waiting in the parking lot before he arrived, which means they already knew where he was going before PNB’s rock’s girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang posted the location on Instagram. Later investigations revealed that they actually might have got a tip on his location from a 87GC member.

After committing the crime Freddie Lee Trone and his son allegedly burned the getaway vehicle to get rid of any evidence. It’s not clear how police discovered they were responsible for PNB Rock’s murder, but it seems they may have used surveillance footage. Take a look at Freddie Lee Trone’s mugshot.

Freddie Lee Trone’s Mug Shot

When the shooting was first reported people were blaming PNB Rock’s girlfriend for posting his location due to his IG post.

Stepmom of 17 Year Old Involved in PNB Rock Shooting Claims He Bleached His Jewelry after Murder

Freddie Lee Trone and his son targeted PNB Rock, because of the expensive diamond chain he was wearing. The case is making headlines again in 2023, because it is now being reported that the stepmom of the 17 year old PnB Rock shooter, saw him bleaching the jewelry that they stole.

The horrific news of what allegedly took place after PnB Rock’s life was taken only reignites the sorrow that situation caused.