Did Rat Poison anti-coagulants cause Dr. Dre’s Brain Aneurysm? According to a new report Dr. Dre’s family allegedly believes his brain aneurysm did not occur under natural circumstances. Dr. Dre’s family allegedly believe someone tried to kill him with by using anti-coagulant chemicals found in rat poison.

In most cases people would think the idea of a botched murder attempt on Dr. Dre’s life is far fetched, but there any many inconsistencies about this situation that would make it seem plausible if these rumors are true.

We will discuss details about these rumors below, but first check out this video of Dr. Dre’s intense workout regimen. It plays into the Dr. Dre Rat Poison Anti-coagulant Brain Aneurysm Conspiracy Theory.


It was important to view the video above, because it’s visual proof of how Dr. Dre is meticulous about his health. According to reports he gets health checkups very often, which under normal circumstances would have caught an issue that would lead to a brain aneurysm.

To know how the anti-coagulants found in rat Poison can cause a Brain Aneurysm, it’s important to know how they develop. Dr. Dre’s brain aneurysm happened after a blood vessel in his brain weakened, causing it to fill blood and balloon to an abnormal size. When that ballooned blood vessel ruptures it can cause life threatening bleeding in the brain. Most brain aneurysms occur near the base of the skull.

Since Rat poison anti-coagulants thin the blood and make blood vessels weaker, it creates the perfect formula to induce a Brain Aneurysm in an otherwise healthy person with no previous symptoms. It’s also important to note that Dr. Dre’s home was allegedly burglarized soon after he was rushed to the hospital.

With all that information it definitely seems plausible that rat-poison anti-coagulants caused Dr. Dre’s brain aneurysm. However, since it can’t be proven it remains a Dr. Dre rat-poison anti-coagulant brain aneurysm Conspiracy Theory.

Hopefully there was no foul play, and the rumors are just rumors.

Author: JordanThrilla

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