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Fox 8K Camera Turns Real Life NFL into a Video Game looking like Madden NFL on PS5

Did you know FOX’s 8K camera makes NFL Football look like a video game? It sounds crazy, but a viral video clip shows how FOX’s 8K camera turns real life NFL football into a video game that looks similar to Madden NFL 21 on PS5.

When you watch the footage below you will probably be as amazed as we were the first time we saw it. It might change the way you view Madden and real life NFL forever. Keep in mind the footage below is not a video, but real life NFL through FOX’s 8K camera.

It’s crazy to think that the clearer real life cameras get the closer it looks to graphics from a video game. It almost seems like a glitch in the matrix, but that’s how things work to the human eye.

FOX’s 8K cameras are simply groundbreaking and beyond incredible. Since PS5 will support 8K resolution, it’s make you wonder if 8K video games will look like real life.

Author: JordanThrilla