Mo Bamba U-Haul Truck Moving Photo Reaction to Lakers Trade Trends After He Poses Like an Instagram Model

Recently, Mo Bamba, the former Orlando Magic center who was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, posted a picture of a U-Haul truck with his bags inside of it. In the photo, he is seen posing in a model-like fashion in front of the truck. The reaction to this photo has been overwhelming on social media, with many people clowning Mo Bamba for posing like an Instagram model.

The photo has been viewed as a statement from Mo Bamba about how ready he was to leave the Orlando Magic. It has been seen as a message of excitement for the new opportunity, and a way for him to express his joy for the trade. This could be why the photo was posted so shortly after the news broke – because Mo Bamba was extremely excited and ready to get started with the Lakers.

The photo was captioned with a message saying, “It’s been real ya’ll. Love”. This comes a few days after he was suspended for trying to choke out Austin Rivers. The timing of the photo has caused people to speculate whether or not Mo Bamba was eager to leave the Magic, or if he was just excited to start a new journey with a new team. However, the photo has been mostly seen as a joke, with people making fun of Mo Bamba for posting a seemingly unnecessary model pose in such a serious moment.

Mo Bamba U-Haul Truck Moving Photo Reaction to Lakers Trade Trends After He Poses Like an Instagram Model

Although the photo has caused a stir on social media, Mo Bamba has stayed positive about the trade, and is looking forward to beginning his new journey with the Lakers. He has expressed his gratitude for the Magic organization, and is looking forward to the future.

Despite being the butt of many jokes, Mo Bamba will undoubtedly make an impact with the Lakers and become an integral part of a young and talented team.

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