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Will Smith Stunt Double from ‘Bad Boys’ Movie Exposed 28 Years Later in 2023

In 2023, social media users were stunned to learn that during a scene in the classic movie ‘Bad Boys’, Will Smith had used a stunt double instead of performing the stunt himself. This was discovered when an eagle-eyed social media user noticed something odd with the movie during a particularly dangerous spin the car makes.

When the car spun around, it became clear that the person inside the car was not Will Smith, but instead an older and completely different looking stunt double. In order to make this discovery, the scene had to be paused at just the right moment, as the change was easy to miss.

The discovery made waves across social media, with many people praising the eagle-eyed user for their detective work. One user said, “I can’t believe that you saw that! It’s amazing how people can pick up on even the smallest of details”.

Is that one of the Isley brothers?

Will Smith Stunt Double from 'Bad Boys' Movie Exposed 28 Years Later in 2023
Will Smith’s Stunt Double in Bad Boys Movie

This discovery also had implications for the film industry in general, as it showed how stunt doubles can be used to make scenes more dangerous, and it also showed how careful attention needs to be paid to even the smallest details.

It also highlighted the importance of having a stunt double that looks as close to the leading actor as possible, because you never know when something like this will happen. If Will Smith had claimed he did his own stunts during the movie this would be like Drake getting exposed for using ghostwriters.

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