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Here is Why a Doctor Claims Errol Spence Jr has Neurological Brain Damage and Is Fighting Through It

Errol Spence Jr, the former unified welterweight champion, lost his titles to Terrence Crawford in a stunning knockout. Some fans and experts are wondering if there is more to the story than meets the eye. A conspiracy theory that Errol Spence Jr has neurological damage is going viral after his loss to Terrence Crawford.

Why a Doctor Thinks Errol Spence Jr Has Residual Neurological Brain Damage

The theory started when some people on social media noticed that Errol Spence Jr looked strange while he was walking out to the ring for the fight. They said that he looked like he was high on marijuana, and that his eyes were glazed and unfocused. Some even speculated that he was under the influence of some drugs or medication.

The real bombshell came after the fight, when a doctor released a video on social media, saying that he believes that Errol Spence Jr has residual neurological damage from the car accident he was involved in a while back. The doctor claimed that Errol Spence Jr is a completely different person personality wise than he was before the accident, which is usually a sign of neurological damage.

The doctor also pointed out that if you look closely, you can see that Errol Spence Jr has a glassy look in his eyes, which is something doctors look for when trying to figure out if a person is mentally compromised. The doctor claimed that a glassy look in your eyes could be early signs of dementia in some cases.

The doctor thinks it’s obvious that people around Errol Spence Jr are allowing him to fight while knowing he has neurological damage, which could explain why he lost so badly to Terrence Crawford. He said that Errol Spence Jr should retire from boxing immediately, before he suffers more brain damage. He pointed how in the world of boxing mental health isn’t taken seriously, and used Muhammed Ali fighting with Parkinson’s disease as an example.

The video has been viewed millions of times, and has sparked a lot of debate and controversy among boxing fans and experts. Some agree with the doctor, and say that Errol Spence Jr should get checked by a neurologist as soon as possible. Others dismiss the theory as nonsense, and say that Errol Spence Jr just had a bad night against a superior opponent, and his personality just changed with age.

What do you think? Is Errol Spence Jr suffering from neurological damage, or is this just a conspiracy theory?

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