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Was LaMelo Ball Smoking a Weed Blunt the Reason Hornets Lost Play-in Game to Hawks?

Every year around playoffs time there seems to be that one moment when an NBA player or someone related to a NBA player goes viral for smoking marijuana. For example during the NBA bubble it was Bronny James who set social media on fire with his leaked blazing session. This season it was a Big Baller Brand legend who stole the show.

Video Allegedly Shows LaMelo Ball Smoking Marijuana Blunt Before Hornets Lost Play-in Game to Hawks

A video has surfaced that appears to show LaMelo Ball smoking a blunt before the Hornets Play-in game. In the footage he’s holding a half smoked blunt, and actually takes a few puffs. It’s tough to concretely confirm what he was smoking, but from the way he was puffing it seemed to be marijuana. Now people are wondering if LaMelo Ball smoking weed was part of the reason Hornets lost by almost 30 points in a do or die Play-in game vs Hawks.

The NBA no longer randomly tests players for the presence of marijuana, unless they have a legitimate reason to believe player was smoking. It’s safe to say they might have a reason drug test to Lamelo Ball for weed now. Lavar Ball probably won’t be happy about this, because in the past he bragged about his sons not drinking or doing any other kind of drugs.

The NBA has relaxed their drug related rules in regards to marijuana, so it’s not likely he’ll get in much trouble with the league. However, LaMelo Ball is in a city where weed is illegal, so he may have just given the FEDS a reason to start watching him closely. Also it doesn’t help his clean image from a PR standpoint.

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